PT Home Exercise Software - New Images March 2020

Whether you run a physical therapy practice or you work as a personal trainer, the exercise software that you use MUST have a large image database. It’s a non-negotiable feature. You prescribe movement for a living, and if the software that you rely on doesn’t have an exercise you need, then your clients are out of luck.

BPM Rx began as an exercise prescription platform intended for fitness professionals who work with high-level athletes. That is why you see all of the barbell, kettlebell, and gymnastics-type movements in here. It was designed for those exercise pros who actually knew how to use set of parallettes or a plyobox. Likewise, it was meant for those martial artists, gymnasts, and dancers who stumbled into a career in rehab.

Why? Because that’s my background!

Interestingly, over the years, more and more users have gravitated to the site who work with a more diverse client population. There aren’t any pediatric providers on here yet, that I am aware of. Although, in theory, the site could certainly work well with teenagers. There ARE however a ton of clinicians who work with older adults.

As a result, I often field requests for images that track closer to the needs of the senior population. More chair exercises. More low-level bed exercises. More balance drills. More post-op exercises.

Consequently, that has been my focus of late. I’ve been listening to the requests and flushing out a plan to populate more and more senior-focused exercises into the software. I recently shot a batch of images, and I just got the first round of illustrations back.

The upload earlier this week, was comprised of 17 new illustrations. The list below breaks down the pictures by group.

Ankle Weight Exercises:

  • Ankle Weight Calf Raise
  • Ankle Weight Hip Abduction – Standing
  • Ankle Weight Hip Abduction – Sidelying
  • Ankle Weight Hip Extension – Standing
  • Ankle Weight Hip Flexion – Standing
  • Ankle Weight Knee Extension – Sitting
  • Ankle Weight Hip Flexion – Seated
  • Ankle Weight Straight Leg Raise - Supine

Chair Exercises:

  • Seated Calf Raise
  • Seated Toe Raise
  • Seated Side Bend
  • Seated Trunk Twist
  • Seated Shoulder Flexion
  • Seated Shoulder Abduction

Gait/Balance Exercises:

  • Heel Strike
  • Heel Toe Walking

Trunk Mobility/Flexibility

  • Low Trunk Rotation

The next batch of illustrations is being built off of another 35 images or so, and should condense to about 15 exercises once the process is done. I hope to have those ready for the database in about a week or two. This batch will be filled with some higher-level exercises like belt squats, suspension trainer movements, and some kettlebell drills.

If you are currently using the site and notice that there aren’t the pictures that you would like to use, please let me know. Sometimes the images are in there, but they weren’t tagged ideally. Or sometimes, they didn’t make it into a useful category.

If an exercise really is NOT in there, I’ll prioritize to have it added as soon as possible.

Stay healthy everyone. Although we are in the midst of a scary pandemic, we still need to help motivate people stay active - even if it is at home. It’s crucial work. Keep it up!