November 2020 Exercise Library Additions

Hi everyone! For this post, we are going to cover the most recent exercise illustrations that have been uploaded to the image library.

Many of these pictures have been in direct response to your requests, so please keep them coming. If there are certain pictures that you need added to the software, definitely let us know.

Covid-19 has made it a bit harder to rally athletes and secure the gym space needed to take photos, but it hasn’t been a show-stopper. As you know, everything seems to take double the time and effort during these pandemic months.

The first set of exercises to talk about are those that make use of resistance bands. Resistance bands are an excellent way to add load to a movement. And, because of their small size, they can easily be taken on a trip if your rehab/fitness clients need to do any traveling.

For some of the pictures, we used heavy-duty band loops, i.e. the type that are used to help train pull-ups. However, you could easily swap in a length of TheraBand or TheraTubing instead.

The newest resistance band images to be added include:

  • Band resisted bent-over row
  • Band resisted deadlift
  • Band resisted toe touch deadlift (aka “kickstand” deadlift)
  • Band resisted front squat
  • Band resisted face pull (sitting)
  • Band resisted row (sitting)
  • Band resisted chest press (standing)
  • Hip flexion with band – sitting
  • Hip flexion with band - standing

Barbell exercises were another focus of this upload effort. Besides your regular compound lifts, we’ve started to build out the selection of “landmine” barbell exercises. In the past, these have been referred to as “longbar” or even “t-bar” exercises. The pivot function of the “landmine” tool opens up a whole array of new movement possibilities. If your clinic or gym doesn’t have one of these landmine attachments, definitely consider it as one of your next purchases.

New barbell exercises added in November, 2020 include:

  • Barbell ground row (aka “Pendlay row”)
  • Barbell sumo deadlift
  • Landmine press – half kneeling
  • Landmine press – standing

Dumbbell lifts were also a large component to this month’s upload. Here are the newest dumbbell exercises to be added to BPM Rx:

  • Dumbbell goblet lateral lunge
  • Dumbbell ground to overhead
  • Dumbbell ground to shoulder
  • Dumbbell squat clean
  • Dumbbell march
  • Z-press Sit-up

Since flexibility and mobility are so crucial to the lives of your rehab and fitness clients, see below for some of the new drills that have been uploaded. Note too how some of these movements could be done as part of a warm-up routine before a workout.

  • Ankle inversion – eversion (AROM)
  • Prone ankle stretch (bent-knee, to target the soleus)
  • Reverse clamshells (hip internal rotation)
  • Leg hurdles (seated leg lifts, over a kettlebell)
  • Side-lying thoracic twist (aka “open book” stretch)
  • Quadruped  thoracic rotation
  • Horizontal arm swings
  • Quadruped to Down Dog
  • Lateral tilt (lumbar/pelvis motion)

Lastly, let’s go over some of the bodyweight strengthening movements that have been added to the exercise prescription library. You’ll find a suspension trainer (TRX-like) drill, agility skills, and, of course, core strengthening exercises.

  • Arch-up (prone trunk extension)
  • BOSU squat (upside-down)
  • Bridge row (using suspension trainer)
  • Bridge walkout (posterior chain strength)
  • Glute bridges
  • Crab leg toe touch (a core burner!)
  • Fast feet (like sprinting in place)
  • Side plank leg raises (target that glute medius!)
  • Single leg push-up

All of these movements are live in the database today. You can search for them by name, or you can find them in their respective dropdown categories. We also do our best to tag them with pertinent aliases and relevant muscle groups to help make your searching more efficient.

Another batch of around 20 exercise illustrations should be added in a few weeks. If you don’t see a set of movements in the library that you would like added to the platform, please let us know as soon as possible.

Take care and be safe out there.

Let’s help the world get MOVING!