Making Your Exercise Handouts Shine

Are you unhappy with how your home exercise handouts are printing from your computer? Do you notice additional text at the top and the bottom of each page? 

If you answered yes to these questions, keep reading for a quick solution. 

By default, some computers are set-up to include information in the header and footer regions of each page that you print. This information might have details about when the page was printed, the type of printer, or other seemingly random insights.

Unfortunately, those extra details only clutter the page and don’t add anything to your customers. The client receiving your home exercise handout doesn’t care about the exact time stamp, the specific name, or some arbitrary URL. They just want to know what exercises you recommend that they perform!

So, here are the steps to remove the header and footer and make your exercise sheet as pretty as possible:

  1. First, build your desired exercise handout with the BPMRx exercise prescription software tool.

  2. Click the "print" icon to generate a page view of your home exercise handout.

  3. Find the print command of whatever browser (Chrome, Safari, etc)  you are using. This is often found at the bottom of the drop down of the > File task.

  4. Once the print preview loads with a thumbnail of your sheet, look for the “include headers and footers” toggle.

  5. Unclick the button.

  6. At this point, your page should print without any headers or footers.

  7. Print the page for testing purposes.

Congratulations, now go out there and crush some home exercise handouts.

Movement is life. Be proud of your contribution a healthier and fitter planet!