How to Add A Logo to Home Exercise Handouts

In a tough market like the health and fitness space, you need to do everything in your power to stand out.

Your customer service needs to be on-point. Your outcomes have to be top-notch.

And, of course, your branding needs to be on fire.

Good branding makes the difference between your long-lasting success or a slow drift into irrelevance.

Your logo needs to pop out. It also needs to be everywhere that you can place it.

That’s why we decided to have your logo be the only part of each BPM Rx home exercise handout that is in color. It also rests on the top of the page for immediate brand awareness.

When you send a client a handout of their home exercise program, they are going to know that it came from YOU. When they place it on their refrigerator, on top of their desk, or show it to a coworker, everyone else will know that it came from YOU too.

That right there is powerful branding!

So, assuming that you already have a high-quality logo, how do you add it to each of your exercise handouts?

The process is as simple as uploading a .jpg file within the admin section of your BPM Rx account page.

However, the upload is going to be added in whatever dimensions that your logo file was created. If it is a large square that’s how it will be seen on the page. If it is a wide circle – it will look like that too.

Too large of an image or one in funky dimensions might push the rest of your exercise content farther down the page. Your logo will be prominent, but everything else will be diminished. And that isn’t what you want.

Thus, it can be helpful to do a little bit of tweaking to your logo to make it look as elegant as possible on the page.

The ideal logo for this situation is laid out horizontally, in a rectangle with height smaller than the width.

A ratio of 1:3 or 1:4 for height to width should work. Don’t be afraid to go longer if your logo is set-up that way.

Likewise, a height in the range of 150-200 pixels plus the width in an appropriate ratio, will fit the screen and a printed page perfectly.

So, how do you achieve these magical dimensions?

First, I’m happy to do it for you. Just send a .jpg file to me at and I can make the necessary tweaks. I can even upload it for you on the backend.

Second, if you are the DIY type and you want to build some simple graphic design skills, I put together a mini tutorial. The screen captures below go through how you can use to alter your logo so that it looks best on your HEP handouts.

By the way, if you’ve never used Canva before, you are going to love it. The website is free to use, and it has numerous templates for making any variety of marketing materials. I’ve used it for paper trifolds, post cards, letterhead, and of course social media posts. It is super user-friendly and a helpful resource to make your marketing dollars stretch further.

Home Exercise Handout Logo Resizing Tutorial:

  1. Go to and look for the “Create a design” button.
  2. Choose “Custom dimensions” from the drop down.
  3. Add your custom dimensions in the appropriate proportions to achieve a long horizontal box.
  4. Once you have a blank screen/template of your custom dimensions, upload your original logo file. Look for the “cloud” upload icon.
  5. After your logo has been uploaded, drag it over the blank screen on the right-hand side of the page.
  6. Drag a corner edge to size the logo appropriately within the box. If you don’t drag a corner - instead pull from a side - you will distort your logo, either shrinking or pulling it out of shape. *Note that in this example I purposefully used a box that was too tall. I could have shrunk the height to better match the text of the BPM Rx logo.
  7. When you are pleased with the layout, choose to download your file as a “PDF Print”. Sadly, the jpg option that Canva provides is not high-quality, so we have to do a few more steps to get your logo upload-ready
  8. Open the image file on your desktop, and then find where and how you export the file as a different file type. For Mac OS users, you will find this under the “file” tab of your Preview application.
  9. Select the “jpeg” export option and give your new file a relevant name. Be careful not to over-write your original logo jpg.
  10. Export the file as a jpeg. You are now ready to upload this new logo to the BPM Rx exercise prescription software.

Have fun and get ready to “Wow” your customers with beautiful, custom home exercise handouts!


1. Start @







8. On your Desktop



10. Upload the resized logo in BPM Rx Admin Portal.