BPM Rx 2.0

Hello and thanks for visiting BPMRx.com. This is the first blog post on the new platform. The software was first released in 2009, and after 10 years in use, it was finally time to do a MASSIVE overhaul!

If you are new to the site, here is an overview: BPM Rx is an exercise prescription software platform for physiotherapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers. It allows health and fitness professionals to create exercise handouts for their clients. These handouts are a key tool for promoting adherence to a prescribed exercise routine, and BPM Rx does not take this responsibility lightly. 

Since its inception, BPM Rx has strived to provide the highest quality handouts in the industry. All of the images are illustrated in black and white to minimize distraction and provide easier legibility. They also look pretty darn sweet. 

One  differentiator of BPM Rx, is that it was designed from day one for the high-performing movement professional. If you are at home in the weight room, the athletic facility, or the neighborhood CrossFit® box, then this is this software is for you. The exercise library is chock-full of barbell lifts, kettlebell skills, and an abundance of bodyweight skills. The founder (a physical therapist), has a background in gymnastics, hence the abundance of parallette, rings, and pull-up bar drills.

If you aren’t someone who works with high-level athletes all of the time, don’t run away just yet. There are enough lower-level exercises — including those for post-op joint replacement and the geriatric population — to keep anyone who works with adults happy. In fact, one enterprise user of BPM Rx provides it as a tool to its 500+ skilled nursing facility therapists. 

So, what does the recent update to BPM Rx achieve?

Some of the new features include:
  • All illustrations come pre-loaded with written instructions. 
  • The exercise titles and instructions are customizable. If you don’t like how something is worded, you are free to change it. 
  • You can now email and text (SMS) the handouts directly from within the website.
  • The handouts are optimized for mobile viewing.
  • You can “favorite” exercises that you use frequently for faster searching.
  • You are also able to save handouts for re-use. 
  • New exercise modalities like Indian clubs and mace bells now make an appearance.
  • There are almost 1300 illustrations!
  • The tagging and search algorithm has been updated to help you find the right exercise, in less time. 
As always, if there is an exercise that you don’t see in the collection, please contact Ben to have it included. The goal of BPM Rx is to help you motivate your clients with the best exercise instruction available. If something is missing, please speak up!

Another fun update is that you are finally able to add your own logo to the handouts. It’s as simple as uploading your image and you are all set. Having your logo on the page is a great way to do additional marketing to your clients. In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s smart to stand out as much as you can. Well-branded collaterals, like exercise handouts, are a helpful tool in this mission.

By the way, the trial period has been upgraded from 7 days to 14-days to give new users a greater length of time to test the system. And, like before, you are free to cancel at any time.

What about the pricing?

A single sign-on is now $10/month, and tiered pricing kicks in after that. If you run a clinic or gym with up to 50-users, pricing drops to $8/month per login. For larger enterprise users, pricing starts at $6/month per seat. You can always reach out to Ben to discuss your options.

Is there anything else to be aware of?

Depending on the collective interest, BPM Rx may look at introducing video capability to your exercise prescription. There is phenomenal power in video, and this could be an interesting integration to provide within the platform. While there isn’t a specific roll-out for this ability yet, it is on the horizon. If use of video is important to you - speak up! 

As a busy clinician or coach, your time is valuable. Intuitive, easy-to-use software is critical to avoid slowing you down. With that in mind, BPM Rx wants to be your go-to solution to create beautiful and easy-to-design exercise handouts. This new release aims to unite all of the elegant exercise illustrations from the first version, with a more modern and up-to-date user experience. 

Your feedback is highly valuable and welcomed in any shape or form. Drop Ben an email at ben@bpmrx.com or say hello on social media. 

Let’s help the world get moving!